Office bearers

SKCF is managed by representatives from FTI. We have an Executive Committee which takes decisions and oversights accounts. Everyone on the ExCo is a senior leader.

Officially, Dipinder Sekhon is ex-officio Founder President-cum-Executive Director and Sureshan Payyaratta ex-officio Founder Treasurer of the Federation.

One comment on “Office bearers

  1. Kuldeep Singh Sumbria says:

    Dear Sir,
    I fully appreciate your commitment. May I take the liberty to point out the mistake in the spelling of management(last word of above write up). Though it is is ignore-able but considering such ignores will dilute the standards which your organisation is trying to change….chalta hai attitude. My endeavor is to strengthen your organisation….in that spirit I suggest that ever post/ every word this esteemed organisation speaks or writes must be scanned , whetted and posted. Your posts are the reflection of the collective mind of the Freedom Team of India.

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