Sugarcane farmers movement

Sone Ki Chidiya Federation is supporting sugarcane farmers who have been shortchanged by the UP Government. This is a movement for justice. It is also a movement for reform of the regulatory system in agriculture in India.

Farmers’s rally at Shamli on 5 November 2016

A letter to the Chief Minister of UP will be signed and issued after the meeting to the Deputy Commissioner of Shamli.

Press Release issued at 11 am IST on 5 November 2016: English | Hindi

Some early photos from the event (published at 3 pm on 5 November 2016)

farmer-rally5nov16-1 farmer-rally5nov16-2 farmer-rally5nov16-3 farmer-rally5nov16-4



Posters/banners for the meeting


Invitation card sent to thousands of farmers:

Details of the event



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