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Report on expenditure of balance Rs.3.55 lakhs from Uttarakhand flood relief funds

There were questions raised by members and others regarding the draft plan for expenditure of the remaining Uttarakhand flood relief collection by Sone Ki Chidiya federation.

Accordingly, SKCF decided to consider other options to spend the funds for the purpose intended: towards relief of flood-affected people.

As a result of extensive discussion we came to the view that the money should be spend on BAALM Sab Ka Ghar, a residential school created by IIT Delhi alumni (and many others) for children who lost their parents in Uttarakhand floods. It is important to emphasise that since the emotional and financial guardianship of Baalm children is assumed by interested people, neither is any Baalm child an orphan nor is the school an orphanage. The guardians are not necessarily local, and live in all parts of the world. 

SAB KA GHAR सब का घर

Facebook page.

Facebook group.

Slideshow (PDF) | Google doc

How to get involved.

The amount was paid for necessary furniture and facilities at the hostel, and for food for the children (they now have guardians). Some funds were transferred direclty into the account of eligible children whose guardians have applied for them to join the school, but whose applications are being processed. These children are expected to join in the coming weeks.


The receipts for the following can be downloaded here.

Bills for Rs 2,65,000/-

(1) M. S. Pipes for BAALM Hostel Beds of Rs 47,376/-,

(2) Ply 12mm Century for Beds of Rs 48,636/-,

(3) Fodder cutting machine of Rs 15,000/-,

(4) L G automatic Washing Machine of Rs 17,900/-,

(5) Mattresses for Children Beds of Rs 78,600/-,

(6) Ceiling Fans Bajaj for Hostel of Rs 20,801/-,

(7) Utensils of Rs 15,488/-,

(8) Ration of Rs 21,199/-

8 Bank Deposit Receipt of Rs 90,000/- [ Children who are living in their native places] 

A formal audit of all Uttarakhand accounts will be undertaken shortly.

Draft plan for delivery of remaining Rs.3.2 lakhs of Uttarakhand flood relief funds – for comment

The SKC Federation is required to disburse the remaining (about) Rs.3.2 lakhs of Uttarakhand flood relief funds by 31 March. The following draft plan has been prepared. Please provide comments in the next two days, to help refine the plan.


It was decided that remaining Uttarakhand relief funds received during the operation needs to be co-coordinated with some local organization.

Dr Radesh Suri informed about planned program of Bharat Vansham Seva Sansthan. 3 days function at rishikesh has been planned. The details are as follow-

First day – 27 Mar 2014 – Plantation of trees, distribution of do thdonations. Chief Guest- DIG, Raja Babu Singh

Second day – 28 mar 2014 – Medical camp & counseling session

Chief Guest – Dr S Pandey, PFI.

Third day – 29 mar 2014 – Foundation laying  stone far temple & inauguration of Asharm building & Bhandara  for locale. Chief Guest- Mr. Harish Rawat CM, Mr.Kanjawal, speaker Assembly

Salient points 

1-    More than 300 people coming from pan India    

2-     On 29 mar, Bhandara has been organized for 5000 people 

3-     Medical camp & council session will be awaited by local 5000 people  

Promoting body –

1-    Global development foundation.

2-    Sone Ki Chidiya Federation (can also join if approved)

Activities –

1-    Souvenir being published, 5000 copies: SKCF/FTI Advertisement can be given costing Rs 18,000/-

2-    Medical camp – Distribution of medicine –Rs 50,000/-

3-    Counseling session –counselors –   Radesh suri, P Sureshan, Ram Atri, KK verma: Facilitation fees &express – Rs 50,000/-

4-    Distribution of cloths to poor flood affected locals – Rs 50,000/-

5-    Scholarship to students Rs 1 Lacs

6-    Mementos for SKCF –  Rs 20,000/-

7-    Transporation  logistics, – Rs 30,000/


                 – SKCF

                  – FTI

Total expenditure planned – Rs 3,18,000/-

Ram K Atri conveyed that these tasks should be divided in two parts.

Final recommendations-

1.     Rs 1.5 lac may be distributed earlier after Holi i.e. around 23 Mar 2014. – Mr Ram K Atri/Sureshan

2.     Rs 1.7 lacs may be distributed to flood affected people through the program organized by Bharat Vansham Seva Sansthan. – Dr Radesh Suri/KK Verma/Sureshan

Sone Ki Chidiya Federation now involved in Uttarakhand flood rehabilitation work

Date of post: 28 July 2013.

Since 22 June 2013, the Sone Ki Chidiya Federation has coordinated relief and supported those affected by flash floods that occurred in Uttarakhand. (For reports see this link)

PUBLIC NOTICE: Relief materials are no longer being accepted

SKCF has sent three truckloads of relief and is no longer accepting relief materials. If you'd like to give relief materials, please contact with other relief organisations.


Wg Cdr KK Verma (Retd) (+919811560341) will continue to coordinate long term relief work along with other SKCF members. You may continue to donate for medium term rehabilitation of the affected families.

We are shortly going to establish donation boxes across RWAs in Delhi where you may also wish to contribute. Please join the Federation to participate in these and other activities.

Please note that all funds not spent on immediate relief work will now be spent on long term relief work. SKCF will continue to ensure extremely frugal administrative costs, of no more than 15 per cent of contributions received. SKCF is entirely voluntary work, but we do need to meet logistics/storage etc. costs. Also we have to ensure that beneficiaries are properly surveyed, to avoid giving funds to those not affected.

Please feel free to visit/audit SKCF work at any time.

Account details below:

Account Name: Sone Ki Chidiya Federation

Bank: ICICI bank

Branch: Laxmi Nagar Delhi


Account No. 083105000859

Only Indian citizens are eligible to contribute to SKC Federation. No income tax exemption is available.

Please confirm your payment to

Funds received will be published. Current cash contributions received (this will be updated periodically).

SKCF members are offering jobs for the flood affected

Please see this: IWeb. If your company can do something to help in this regard, please write to

Mention of SKC's work in Times of India, 24 June 2013 (click for larger image)

Mention of SKC's work in Times of India, Mumbai, 27 June 2013 (click for larger image)


Some photos from the July 2013 flood relief camp

These are just a few of the photos. Many others can be seen here (this may not be visible right now: changes to the setting have been requested).

Flood Relief Work by SKCF: a report on the July 2013 camp by KK Verma

This is a full report. If you have questions, please send to

Two days camp in Uttarakhand (Area – Thatyur)

19-20 July 2013

Brief summary

This relief work was the unique task undertaken by the federation. So everything was to be put in order. The movement chain, storage arrangements and final delivery remained a challenge. However it is felt that federation need to undertake such activities with success to ensure its adaptability among people of this country. When Government felt difficult in providing help and other organization could not reach to affected people or affected villages, effort of the Sone Ki Chidiya Federation to help the needy could be termed successful.

A team of five with three volunteers started for two days camp on 18th morning from South Ex Part 2 in a hired vehicle Toyata Innova. The team included –

  1. Mr Ram K Atri – Operation Coordinator
  2. Wg Cdr KK Verma (Retd) – Operation Manager


  1. Mr Arpit Jain
  2. Mr Ujjawal Dasgupta
  3. Ms Shalini rai


  1. Rajesh Shehrawat

Team reached to Dehradun at Ashram at around 5 PM. Another team of SKCF members and volunteers were working for making packets to deliver to beneficiaries. The local team was headed by Mr Shriom.

Volunteers –

  1. Mr Atul Bharat
  2. Mr Tarun
  3. Mr Gaurav

Approximately 200 packets of around 30-40 Kg each were prepared for distributions. This work went on till 12 midnight. Some volunteers worked till 2AM.

Distributions of materials and cash were done on two days camp on 19-20 July 2013.

Two trucks were hired and loaded with the relief materials. Mr Vijendra Paul Ex IAS officer along with Swamiji flagged off the truck loads relief work. The convoy of two trucks and one Toyota Innova started from Ashram for first day camp at around 10 AM. Weather was relatively good except while returning, it kept on raining. The trip was adventurous and risky. But as many were expecting, operation could be conducted as it did not rain much.

On second day, two trucks of load moved to affected villages at around 11 AM. Weather was good except that there were few landslides on the way and bulldozer was found clearing the road.

Two volunteers from Allahabad through Mr Anil Sharma (London) and one senior federation member Mr Kshitij Sharma from Delhi reported on 19th July morning.

  1. Anoop Kumar Dubey
  2. Mr Virat Pandey

Two days camp was successful, federation could deliver relief materials worth Rs 10 lakhs and cash about 4.5 lakhs. All the participants enjoyed in their social work.

Villages covered-

Uttarakhand relief operation was carried out from a small town named Thatyur. There were 7 villages which were covered in two days camp.

  1. Parodi
  2. Thatyur
  3. Thik
  4. Satha Gatha
  5. Durgapur
  6. Chhanaan
  7. Dugata
  8. Mathamali
  9. Chamasari

Distributions materials

Two large trucks of load had been sent from Delhi to Dehradun before camp. These loads were off loaded in an Ashram in Dehradun. From there a total of four trucks were dispatched to the affected villages. Material worth approximately Rs 10 Lakhs was distributed in these two days. Keeping Thatyur as central location, we covered around 10 villages in total.

Distributions of Cash

Cash distribution was one of the most difficult parts of this exercise. As people were very impatient and they were ready to fight each other, the distributions remained a challenge. However affected people and family were given cash as per need basis. Around 4.5 lakhs rupees were distributed to affected people. The lists are being prepared, signatures have been taken, some on revenue stamp and many just on register. (List will be scanned and communicated soon.)

Accounts details –

Administrative charges-

  1. Expenditure on camp/volunteers – Rs 14,000/-
  2. Donation to Ashram for storage/staying-Rs 10,000/-
  3. Cost of four trucks – Rs 12,000/-
  4. Cost incurred on light vehicle Rs 18,000/-
  5. Expenditure on survey by SKCF team Rs 15.000/-

Total Rs 69,000/-

Cash Distributions –

  1. Distributions on first day – Rs 172,000/-
  2. Distibutions on second day – Rs 227,000/-
  3. Given money to local members for distributions – Rs 50,000/-

Total Rs 449,000/-

Grand Total Rs 69,000/- + Rs 449,000/- Rs 518,000/-

Cash taken for distributions – Rs 200,000/ + Rs 350,000/- = Rs 550,000/-

Cash remaining – Rs 550,000/ – Rs 518,000/- = Rs 32,000/-

Next relief work

As some of the biscuits packets, chocolate packets, atta, rice, dal, sugar and blankets are still lying in the house of Wg Cdr KK Verma, it is important that final distribution camp need to be planned in coming months. Remaining cash distributions of around Rs 300,000/- is also to be planned by the federation in next month.

Final objectives

Federation has tried its best to meet the expectations of the donors’ sentiments and ensured that purposeful help is extended to the people of affected areas. We have tried to build a long term relationship in this mission and tried to give directions to the youth of the affected areas. In the days to come, it would be our endeavor to train the young boys and girls from those areas to meet the future development needs of the country. It is expected that good leaders will evolve out of this serious crisis.

We have not only delivered the good we have established the system for future use. With this Uttarakhand Relief Camp of two days i.e. 19-20 July 2013 in Thatyur area, it is felt that federation is well equipped to handle crisis in these areas through the existing network. We are to build on this for a better and progressive future.

Flood Relief Work by SKCF: Reports by Kshitij Sharma

SKCF will publish a number of reports (and photos) on the recent flood relief work it has been coordinating.

The following excellent report, dated 26 July 2013, was prepared by Kshitij Sharma. Also, below this, is his separate earlier report of his experience and challenges faced at the camp.

Sone Ki Chidiya Federation decided to get involved in the Uttarakhand Disaster Relief Project on 22nd June and in less than a month we received 3 truck loads of stuff for affected people of Uttarakhand from all over India. The phones started ringing from day we put up our contact details on our website ( and more so when our name was published in Times of India on June 24th and again on June 27th in TOI Mumbai edition as one of the organisations involved in helping with the relief activities. Truly India cared for the victims and it showed in the calls we got and the relief material we received. In addition to the relief material we received more than Rs 9 lacs.

The news reports that poured in from Uttarakhand were troubling to say the least. The state administration had failed and the relief material from all over India was lying in trucks that were stuck on the highways for days. Moreover there were other reports that the relief material that was initially collected catered to the tourists that were stuck in Uttarakhand and after the tourists were rescued/returned, the locals had little need for biscuits etc and now the need was to restore the livelihood of locals whose houses were damaged/destroyed, whose small farms were made barren by land slides and with no source of income as earning members had lost there lives.

Bearing all this in mind, we decided that we should target places which were affected by landslides and floods but were not widely covered by other organisations. Places where transaction cost of reaching the affected people was minimum. And the relief provided was maximum.

A grass roots team was formed which was placed in Thatyur. The main task assigned to the team was to do a survey in villages in and around Thatyur and make a list of families that needed most help. We decided that we would give at least Rs 5000 to each family identified by our team. Basic needs of people in these villages were also communicated to our team in Delhi and Dehradun so that we could re-arrange the relief material received.

After all this ground work we decided to hold a relief camp in and around Thatyur to distribute the relief material on the ground and give monetary aid to the identified beneficiaries.

A team of volunteers joined as we headed towards Thatyur from Delhi. Our base camp was in Manav Sewa Ashram in Kuthal Gate, Dehradun. There the stuff that was delivered from Delhi was re-arranged with the help of volunteers and was divided such that two smaller trucks traveled with the team led by Wg Cdr KK Verma and RK Atri on 19th and two more on the 20th. 

Once there, the distribution was carried out keeping in mind the needs of the people. As an example we encountered a lot of tea-stalls owners whose houses were damaged and their families were living in the shops since the tragedy happened. We decided impromptu to give biscuits/cookies (which we had received in abundance) to such shopkeepers so they could sell them and earn money out of it. The clothes distribution was done in a market like manner where to a large extent people were allowed to choose according to their needs. Rice and wheat was divided in small packets and was provided to the needy as identified by the grass roots team. 

The experience was overwhelming for the team as the task was daunting. The team made sure that the last mile delivery of the relief material was successful and most of the affected people benefited from the exercise.

Challenges faced on the ground


20th July was the second day of distribution of the relief material in Thatyur and adjoining villages that is when I joined the team. The weather and land slides along the way slowed us down considerably but we continued on this experience with the sole aim to provide whatever help we had to offer to the affected people.

There was much to learn like, on a personal note, I realized that there is bound to be a clash between the design of direct cash transfer and its implementation when all the variables involved like, the context, are not taken into account in the design itself. 

The experience, value add and reality check under the tutelage of KK Verma and Ram Atri  for the volunteers was immense. The main problem was identifying the beneficiaries. Without the grass roots work that Shriom and team did in identifying the people it wouldn't have been possible to even reach the affected villages, let alone do some good. 

As others would also agree/share that there were many people in the villages who did not want us to do this work. eg one influential person (was it the village sarpanch?) who alleged that we were dividing the village by giving money to only 25 families out of the 110 families of the entire village. Our counter that only those families were affected and needed the money did not make sense to him as he had an agenda of becoming a hero by showing to the entire village that he made sure everyone got the money. There were many challenges like these but as I said earlier with experience and guidance of Atri ji and KK along with the ground work of Shriom, the cash transfer was a success.

Distribution of relief material was a different kind of challenge. While doing the activity the question arose that how can we decide what does the affected person want? Whether it is clothes (especially when you have a truck load of random clothes in all shapes and sizes) or utensils etc after you have done the mammoth task of identifying who the affected person is?!

To get better of the situation we tried all kinds of permutations, like, 

FirstComeFirstServe – however it lead to people fighting over the fact that the person in front has unfair advantage as he/she has more options to choose from and he/she may not get the clothes that he/she may want – we handled this with some success by placing a volunteer at the back of the line who took back the clothes that the person did not need. 

Letting the people choose from the entire truck load of stuff by placing with the help of volunteers displaying them – this lead to quarrel over two or more hands wanting the same thing. 

Some people complained that people who were not affected by the flood/landslide in the village were also collecting relief material but this was countered by the strictness and maturity that some of the younger volunteers displayed and also in the village elders who named/shamed those people and they backed off on their own.

Overall it was a great experience which has to be built upon. Being a part of SKCF/SBP since last two months I have a suggestion, that if we are to continue any ground level activity we need to contribute, let us say, 10% of our monthly salaries to SKCF so that unnecessary burden does not fall on the shoulders of one or two individuals, after all, when such work takes place it is SKCF which is growing. 

The effort of the volunteers, namely, Ujjawal, Seema, Rinkie, Gaurav, Arpit, Shalini, Atul, Tarun, Anoop and Virat has to be lauded.

Please find below the link where I have uploaded the pics of Day 2:

DRAFT PLAN of relief work to be done by Sone Ki Chidiya Federation – for public comment

SKCF has received a little above Rs. 9 lakhs so far. Rs.25,000 has been drawn from this amount for sending one truckload of goods to Patanjali on 26-27 June. Details of the money spent are not yet available but will be published soon.

Now material sufficient for two trucks has accumulated. The following plan for spending this Rs.9 lakhs and distributing the relief materials received is being proposed.

Please note this is a PRELIMINARY DRAFT plan. It is subject to change based on feedback and comments received.

Work done so far: Identification of possible villages for distribution and list of potential beneficiaries has been prepared under the guidance of Ram Atri.

Preparation for Camp: Shriom is going to Uttarakhand on 13 July to prepare for the camp.

Briefing for the Camp: 14 July 10 am: All those interested to attend the camp are requested to come for a briefing on 14 July at 10am at KK Verma’s home in South Ex Part 2 New Delhi for briefing. Location of Camp will be intimated on 14 or 15 July.

Departure for Camp: 18 July.

Camp at Uttarakhand on 19-20

Activities proposed to be conducted at the Camp and financial plan

Distribution of relief material collected. Two truck loads of relief material will be taken to Dehradun where the material will be segregated as per needs of the people based on ground reports from people at ground zero. Mostly this will involve separating the material into smaller packets. A venue has been located in a mandir in Dehradun where this sorting will occur.


Unlike charities which spend between 10 to 15 per cent of the funds raised for administrative work, Sone Ki Chidiya Federation will maximise the use of volunteers and use funds very frugally for paying for labour and related expenses only when no volunteers is available for that purpose.

Funds received for relief will be used for labour/transport/communications as follows:

1) transportation and communications related (minimal) costs for carrying the goods including labour costs.

2) storage-related costs for the food including sorting/ packing/ tarpaul to protect from rain, etc.

3) direct costs to run the camp.

No volunteer will be paid for attending the camp and must bring their own funds.

Funds will mainly be used for:

a) cash distribution to affected families (e.g. up to Rs.5,000 per affected family)

b) purchase of packaged food (not fresh) for distribution

Expected budget for the camp

In addition to costs of transportation, storage, etc. the following will be incurred:

a) Rs 600,000 cash distribution to identified beneficiaries mostly senior ladies of the households (to avoid any risk of funds being misused in drinks, etc.) – not more than Rs 5000 per beneficiary

b) Rs 200,000 for additional food materials e.g. Rice/Grains/Atta/Pulses purchased from Dehradun or nearby

Longer term relief

It is expected that some funds (yet to be determined) will be considered for longer term relief, including some employment to local people for working with us for next 1-2 months to provide regular feedback on local condition.


All activities will be photographed and receipts taken in front of witnesses.


Relief Camp in Uttarakhand in July 2013 (date to be finalised)

Date: 6 July 2013

The situation on ground in Uttarakhand is extremely bad. In the meanwhile, after despatching one truckload on 26 June, a second (big) truckload of relief material has been collected in Delhi, and over Rs.7 lakhs in funds received.

Given the feedback that there is need for food, water, doctors and counselors, SKC Federation is hereby announcing a 4-day relief camp in Uttarakhand (near Kedarnath – venue to be announced) either next weekend or the following.


We need volunteers to accompany the relief truck and to distribute these materials (plus some others to be purchased through the cash received). We need one or more doctors, psychologist/counselors and young people to carry relief material among the hills.

Please register your interest in this form.

And please circulate this widely among your friends and colleagues.

Photos of desptach of Uttarakhand relief material to Haridwar

Here are some photos for the record. The truck went on the night of 26 June 2013 and was received at Patanjali Yogpeeth on 27 June 2013.

Sone Ki Chidiya Federation now helping coordinate Uttarakhand relief work

ARCHIVED ON 28 JULY 2013. The information in this post is no longer current. Please view the updated post here. Extracts from this post (originally published on 22 June 2013) are retained for the public record. Detailed addresses/phone numbers have now been removed)

Date of post: 22 June 2013, updated 30 June.

Flash floods in Uttarakhand have killed hundreds of people and caused havoc.

Since 22 June 2013, the Sone Ki Chidiya Federation is working to support the affected people. It is working with partner organisations such as Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust and Bharat Swabhiman Trust and others which are doing some absolutely superlative work in this regard. Some SKCF volunteers are also directly participating in this work.

Relief material collection centres [Updated: 28 July 2013: These have now been closed]





New Delhi


Wg Cdr KK Verma (Retd)



UPDATE: One truck load of goods was sent out on 26 June to Haridwar. [Update 28 July2013: A total of three trucks were sent]

SKCF is also accepting funds for relief work [Update: From 28 July SKCF will use all relief funds received for LONGER TERM RELIEF]

In addition, SKCF is accepting funds for relief work in a manner best suited to the needs of the people on the ground.

Account details below:

Account Name: Sone Ki Chidiya Federation

Bank: ICICI bank

Branch: Laxmi Nagar Delhi


Account No. 083105000859

Only Indian citizens are eligible to contribute to SKC Federation. No income tax exemption is available.

Please confirm your payment to

Funds received will be published. Current cash contributions received (this will be updated periodically).

SKCF members are offering jobs for the flood affected

Please see this: IWeb. If your company can do something to help in this regard, please write to

Mention of SKC's work in Times of India, 24 June 2013 (click for larger image)

Mention of SKC's work in Times of India, Mumbai, 27 June 2013 (click for larger image)