Donations eligible for tax exemption

Donations to SKCF are eligible for tax exemption under s.80G of the Income Tax Act (download SKCF’s certificate here).

Only Indian citizens are eligible to contribute

SKCF does not have FCRA registration. No foreign citizen, including OCI, can contribute to SKCF.

Transfer funds by NEFT

Pay to:

Account Name: Sone Ki Chidiya Federation

Bank: ICICI bank

Branch: Laxmi Nagar Delhi


Account No. 083105000859

As soon as you’ve sent your contribution, please send an email to

Publication of names of donors

SKC Federation reserves the right to publish names and township (not detailed address) of donors. Donations received: Click here to view.

3 comments on “Donate

  1. Abhinav says:

    Can SKC publish an updated list of it’s donors?

  2. KESAVA RAM says:

    Appreciate the efforts for flood relief and stranded pilgrims. Donated Rs.1516/- as my contribution to your icici account. Keep up the Good Work.. Thanks Kesava Ram, CSC India Private Limited, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

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