Media release: Launch of the Sone Ki Chidiya Total Reform Movement on 4 June 2013

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Launch of the Sone Ki Chidiya Total Reform Movement on 4 June 2013 at Jantar Mantar

The Sone Ki Chidiya movement, a movement for total reform of India’s dysfunctional governance will be launched on from Jantar Mantar on 4 June 2013 after a public rally from Ramlila Maidan to start at 4 pm. A number of participants (including farmers and ordinary Indians) and speakers from across India and the world are expected to attend despite the searing heat of Delhi’s summer.  

India’s governance is in a terminal condition, with virtually every institution having collapsed. The collapse is not surprising. What is surprising that India did not anticipate this collapse, for we have blindly followed policies for the past 65 years policies which have failed everywhere else in the world.

The excuse often made that “India is different” is entirely invalid. We know this because the economic and governance systems in ancient India, based on Chanakya’s wisdom (Arthashatra), were in many ways similar to those of the most modern economies today. Such systems led to India’s success. It is a basic truth that principles of economics and good governance apply to all societies at all times.

Our failed policies include lifetime tenure and pension for senior public servants, along with constitutional protections that make it almost impossible to get rid of corrupt officers, leave alone the incompetent ; direct management by government of key aspects of the economy with discretionary political and bureaucratic decision-making control, which leads inevitably to corruption; and in-built incentives for politicians to become corrupt or turn a blind eye to corruption. As reported in The Economist, Lant Pritchett of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard calls the Indian bureaucracy “one of the world's top ten biggest problems—of the order of AIDS”.

Our system’s dismal performance is classic text book case study. No policy in India, for instance, passes a net benefit test. And any public servant who innovates is shunned. Only corruption and sycophancy is rewarded. In such an India why are we surprised when nothing works? And even Communist China is now overtaking us in every way.

There have been some movements for reform in the recent past but it is unfortunate that these have focused on half-hearted simplistic “solutions” like the Jan Lokpal Bill which are not even a palliative to India’s terminal disease, for they do not scratch even the surface of its underlying failures. Such “reforms” have become a mirage, misleading the people into believing that things will improve “if only” the Lokpal Bill or some such band-aid were passed by Parliament.

The reality of India is that corruption is only one of our many system-wide failures. Delayed justice, police tyranny, crumbling infrastructure and sheer obtuseness of public servants grind down our will to live, destroy our plans and make it impossible to dream of a great India. The poor can’t set up even a tiny business without paying bribes to policemen and other corrupt inspectors. And even large companies, fed up with governance delays and corruption, are choosing to invest outside India.

The Sone Ki Chidiya reform movement will address all underlying disorders of this terminal patient. It is committed to world-best policy and governance frameworks, including electoral reforms that will motivate good people to enter Parliament, total removal and replacement of the IAS and other tenured services by modern public services, and testing all polices against a 10-point test that includes cost benefit analysis and considerations of strategic gaming.

A summary of key outcomes that India can then achieve (in the short run) is available on the Sone Ki Chidiya Federation website as part of a draft Agenda for Change. No existing political party will bring these reforms forward since most of them benefit (through corruption) from current arrangements.

And so, the Federation is determined to make its views known through rallies and events. The Sone Ki Chidiya Movement Organising Committee invites all Indians to join this movement and fix India’s terminally sick governance system. Together, we can recover the ethical, cultural and spiritual fabric of our once-great nation. Let’s make India a country where no child, woman or man goes hungry or feels unsafe.

We believe that if the reforms proposed by the Total Reform Movement are implemented, India’s growth will become unstoppable, making it a Sone Ki Chidiya once again.

6 comments on “Media release: Launch of the Sone Ki Chidiya Total Reform Movement on 4 June 2013

  1. Dr Col SC Talwar says:

    I was overseas. The last thing I expected was yet another party. Each one of us though burning with zeal to atleast match the puny nations of the world that stand taller in everything including infrastructure, fail to see the wizened and wily Congress which is being rewarded with a smirk by such multifarious divisions in the rank and file of a movement. Thus an avalanche before it builds up through holding each others hands shall stand torn apart bringing back the most hideous and scorned party back to power. I live with this fear though don’t wish to die with it.

    • admin says:

      Col.Talwar, SKC movement is not a political party. It is a movement to reform India’s governance and will propose world best ideas for all parties to adopt.

      • If that be as it may, U shall find a massive stockpile of ideas translated into papers submitted to the the government ever since independence by many well meaning personalities, gathering dust in the corridors of power due to lack of political will. Any redeeming factors such as RTI and a host of adopted measures are not due to good governance but due to the same being thrust down their gullet. Dependence upon an illiterate class is self serving for those who return to power over and over. Participation of a literate class to become an effective tool needs electoral reforms. I can discuss.

        • admin says:

          Col. Talwar we have, after nearly 15 years of work, produced a draft agenda for change. Please review and and tracked changes.

          • A long liberated soul of the nation is yet to find utterance. I have barely scanned through your extensive deliberations on which you seem to have spent 15 long years. It would be rude of me to say that you seem to chase a utopian dream yet I do not find making of a movement that would keep people thrown to power, in check. Also pardon my serious differences on your deliberations on population policy. As a matter of fact this is the single most cancerous growth that has eaten into our entrails. I find mongrels on the street a shade healthier than our populace at large. The second most important affliction we suffer from is the INDISCIPLINE, a euphemism for democracy itself as we interpret. Vote bank politics overrides its will to act against either.

          • admin says:

            Instead of discussing specifics, please send tracked changes to You’d be surprised that all the SUCCESSFUL countries of the world follow most of the principles in the Agenda, and Arthashastra is totally consistent with this agenda. Only India imagines policies that will always fail. This agenda is based on RADICALLY SUCCESSFUL principles and policies so I’d urge you to read with care and not form any hasty judgement as that will amount to self-harm. India needs people who can understand new ideas since their indoctrination by Nehru and other socialists is total and complete. Unless we can get out of that mindset and ask empirically valid questions we’ll fail.

            For instance, population density etc has absolutely nothing to do with prosperity. Please read BFN if you wish to understand better:

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