Draft plan for delivery of remaining Rs.3.2 lakhs of Uttarakhand flood relief funds – for comment

The SKC Federation is required to disburse the remaining (about) Rs.3.2 lakhs of Uttarakhand flood relief funds by 31 March. The following draft plan has been prepared. Please provide comments in the next two days, to help refine the plan.


It was decided that remaining Uttarakhand relief funds received during the operation needs to be co-coordinated with some local organization.

Dr Radesh Suri informed about planned program of Bharat Vansham Seva Sansthan. 3 days function at rishikesh has been planned. The details are as follow-

First day – 27 Mar 2014 – Plantation of trees, distribution of do thdonations. Chief Guest- DIG, Raja Babu Singh

Second day – 28 mar 2014 – Medical camp & counseling session

Chief Guest – Dr S Pandey, PFI.

Third day – 29 mar 2014 – Foundation laying  stone far temple & inauguration of Asharm building & Bhandara  for locale. Chief Guest- Mr. Harish Rawat CM, Mr.Kanjawal, speaker Assembly

Salient points 

1-    More than 300 people coming from pan India    

2-     On 29 mar, Bhandara has been organized for 5000 people 

3-     Medical camp & council session will be awaited by local 5000 people  

Promoting body –

1-    Global development foundation.

2-    Sone Ki Chidiya Federation (can also join if approved)

Activities –

1-    Souvenir being published, 5000 copies: SKCF/FTI Advertisement can be given costing Rs 18,000/-

2-    Medical camp – Distribution of medicine –Rs 50,000/-

3-    Counseling session –counselors –   Radesh suri, P Sureshan, Ram Atri, KK verma: Facilitation fees &express – Rs 50,000/-

4-    Distribution of cloths to poor flood affected locals – Rs 50,000/-

5-    Scholarship to students Rs 1 Lacs

6-    Mementos for SKCF –  Rs 20,000/-

7-    Transporation  logistics, – Rs 30,000/


                 – SKCF

                  – FTI

Total expenditure planned – Rs 3,18,000/-

Ram K Atri conveyed that these tasks should be divided in two parts.

Final recommendations-

1.     Rs 1.5 lac may be distributed earlier after Holi i.e. around 23 Mar 2014. – Mr Ram K Atri/Sureshan

2.     Rs 1.7 lacs may be distributed to flood affected people through the program organized by Bharat Vansham Seva Sansthan. – Dr Radesh Suri/KK Verma/Sureshan

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