DRAFT PLAN of relief work to be done by Sone Ki Chidiya Federation – for public comment

SKCF has received a little above Rs. 9 lakhs so far. Rs.25,000 has been drawn from this amount for sending one truckload of goods to Patanjali on 26-27 June. Details of the money spent are not yet available but will be published soon.

Now material sufficient for two trucks has accumulated. The following plan for spending this Rs.9 lakhs and distributing the relief materials received is being proposed.

Please note this is a PRELIMINARY DRAFT plan. It is subject to change based on feedback and comments received.

Work done so far: Identification of possible villages for distribution and list of potential beneficiaries has been prepared under the guidance of Ram Atri.

Preparation for Camp: Shriom is going to Uttarakhand on 13 July to prepare for the camp.

Briefing for the Camp: 14 July 10 am: All those interested to attend the camp are requested to come for a briefing on 14 July at 10am at KK Verma’s home in South Ex Part 2 New Delhi for briefing. Location of Camp will be intimated on 14 or 15 July.

Departure for Camp: 18 July.

Camp at Uttarakhand on 19-20

Activities proposed to be conducted at the Camp and financial plan

Distribution of relief material collected. Two truck loads of relief material will be taken to Dehradun where the material will be segregated as per needs of the people based on ground reports from people at ground zero. Mostly this will involve separating the material into smaller packets. A venue has been located in a mandir in Dehradun where this sorting will occur.


Unlike charities which spend between 10 to 15 per cent of the funds raised for administrative work, Sone Ki Chidiya Federation will maximise the use of volunteers and use funds very frugally for paying for labour and related expenses only when no volunteers is available for that purpose.

Funds received for relief will be used for labour/transport/communications as follows:

1) transportation and communications related (minimal) costs for carrying the goods including labour costs.

2) storage-related costs for the food including sorting/ packing/ tarpaul to protect from rain, etc.

3) direct costs to run the camp.

No volunteer will be paid for attending the camp and must bring their own funds.

Funds will mainly be used for:

a) cash distribution to affected families (e.g. up to Rs.5,000 per affected family)

b) purchase of packaged food (not fresh) for distribution

Expected budget for the camp

In addition to costs of transportation, storage, etc. the following will be incurred:

a) Rs 600,000 cash distribution to identified beneficiaries mostly senior ladies of the households (to avoid any risk of funds being misused in drinks, etc.) – not more than Rs 5000 per beneficiary

b) Rs 200,000 for additional food materials e.g. Rice/Grains/Atta/Pulses purchased from Dehradun or nearby

Longer term relief

It is expected that some funds (yet to be determined) will be considered for longer term relief, including some employment to local people for working with us for next 1-2 months to provide regular feedback on local condition.


All activities will be photographed and receipts taken in front of witnesses.


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