Everyone deserves respect

In addition change in politics/governance/economic policy, we need to change the society's attitudes in a fundamental way.

We can call the campaign: EVERYONE DESERVES RESPECT. It aims to have two key branches:

a) Crusade against caste

b) Against the mistreatment of girls and women in India.

Crusade against caste

Note that this campaign is not against caste discrimination. This is about elimination of caste, not ending caste discrimination. "Na rahega Baans na bajegi bansuri". As RM Lohia said: "The destruction of caste is critical for nation-building".

Is this still a problem? Yes. 

13 Dalits are murdered each week. 
5 Dalit homes are burnt each week.
6 Dalit people are kidnapped or abducted each week. 
21 Dalit women raped each week.   [Source]

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Rampant untouchability:

A recent study on Untouchability in rural India,[1] covering five hundred sixty five villages in eleven States, found that public health workers refused to visit Dalit homes in 33% of villages, and Dalit children sat separately while eating in 37.8% of government schools. Dalits were prevented from entering police stations in 27.6% of villages, did not get mail delivered to their homes in 23.5% of villages, and were denied access to water sources in 48.4% of villages.[Source]

Respectful treatment of WOMEN and GIRLS in India

While the Nirbhaya case brought Delhi to a halt, there is a massive ongoing problem of lack of respect for, and violence towareds girls and women. This issue is getting really urgent. Women are being very badly treated across India.

Read this, too: http://www.rediff.com/news/column/to-an-american-girl-an-apology-from-india/20130820.htm


Sexual harassment remains a pervasive problem in Indian society. Often referred to by the euphemism "Eve-teasing," a 2011 survey supported by UN Women found 95% of females in New Delhi said they felt unsafe in public places. [Source]

But there are many other fundamental issues re: treatment of girls/women in India. Not the least being the mass murder of millions of girl children. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/11/24/opinion/24iht-edswami.html?_r=0

Other useful sources: http://www.wwhr.org/category/publications 


Men's Nonviolence Project: http://www.tcfv.org/pdf/mensguide/EngagingMenandBoys.pdf

MASVAW(Men's Action for Stopping Violence Against Women)

Sakshi NGO


Also the need for a strong SPIRITUAL message in relation to equal liberty and respect for all. Not this necessarily but something similar: "The highest and noblest work in this life is that of a mother". Also the "sacred duty to honour our sisters". [Source]

See some of the comments here. It would seem that this is related to bullying and cowardice by some males.

A number of resources here.

This is what it feels like. See the effect of this article in USA here.

A flood of stories now pouring in, at CNN. Also see this:


In some ways, the langauges of India itself reflect these hierarchies. E.g. words like "Aukaat", "tu". These are status-driven words. We need to cleanse the language itself.

Get involved!

Please join SKCF to promote this campaign. Let us design the campaign and make it count.

Some possible solutions 

We could potentially promote legislative action. A number of other things are possible: social media, pamphlets, movies, posters, "kits", T-shirt and other methods to spread the message that everyone deserves respect. 

Examples from the internet include:

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