Flood Relief Work by SKCF: a report on the July 2013 camp by KK Verma

This is a full report. If you have questions, please send to info@sonekichidiya.in

Two days camp in Uttarakhand (Area – Thatyur)

19-20 July 2013

Brief summary

This relief work was the unique task undertaken by the federation. So everything was to be put in order. The movement chain, storage arrangements and final delivery remained a challenge. However it is felt that federation need to undertake such activities with success to ensure its adaptability among people of this country. When Government felt difficult in providing help and other organization could not reach to affected people or affected villages, effort of the Sone Ki Chidiya Federation to help the needy could be termed successful.

A team of five with three volunteers started for two days camp on 18th morning from South Ex Part 2 in a hired vehicle Toyata Innova. The team included –

  1. Mr Ram K Atri – Operation Coordinator
  2. Wg Cdr KK Verma (Retd) – Operation Manager


  1. Mr Arpit Jain
  2. Mr Ujjawal Dasgupta
  3. Ms Shalini rai


  1. Rajesh Shehrawat

Team reached to Dehradun at Ashram at around 5 PM. Another team of SKCF members and volunteers were working for making packets to deliver to beneficiaries. The local team was headed by Mr Shriom.

Volunteers –

  1. Mr Atul Bharat
  2. Mr Tarun
  3. Mr Gaurav

Approximately 200 packets of around 30-40 Kg each were prepared for distributions. This work went on till 12 midnight. Some volunteers worked till 2AM.

Distributions of materials and cash were done on two days camp on 19-20 July 2013.

Two trucks were hired and loaded with the relief materials. Mr Vijendra Paul Ex IAS officer along with Swamiji flagged off the truck loads relief work. The convoy of two trucks and one Toyota Innova started from Ashram for first day camp at around 10 AM. Weather was relatively good except while returning, it kept on raining. The trip was adventurous and risky. But as many were expecting, operation could be conducted as it did not rain much.

On second day, two trucks of load moved to affected villages at around 11 AM. Weather was good except that there were few landslides on the way and bulldozer was found clearing the road.

Two volunteers from Allahabad through Mr Anil Sharma (London) and one senior federation member Mr Kshitij Sharma from Delhi reported on 19th July morning.

  1. Anoop Kumar Dubey
  2. Mr Virat Pandey

Two days camp was successful, federation could deliver relief materials worth Rs 10 lakhs and cash about 4.5 lakhs. All the participants enjoyed in their social work.

Villages covered-

Uttarakhand relief operation was carried out from a small town named Thatyur. There were 7 villages which were covered in two days camp.

  1. Parodi
  2. Thatyur
  3. Thik
  4. Satha Gatha
  5. Durgapur
  6. Chhanaan
  7. Dugata
  8. Mathamali
  9. Chamasari

Distributions materials

Two large trucks of load had been sent from Delhi to Dehradun before camp. These loads were off loaded in an Ashram in Dehradun. From there a total of four trucks were dispatched to the affected villages. Material worth approximately Rs 10 Lakhs was distributed in these two days. Keeping Thatyur as central location, we covered around 10 villages in total.

Distributions of Cash

Cash distribution was one of the most difficult parts of this exercise. As people were very impatient and they were ready to fight each other, the distributions remained a challenge. However affected people and family were given cash as per need basis. Around 4.5 lakhs rupees were distributed to affected people. The lists are being prepared, signatures have been taken, some on revenue stamp and many just on register. (List will be scanned and communicated soon.)

Accounts details –

Administrative charges-

  1. Expenditure on camp/volunteers – Rs 14,000/-
  2. Donation to Ashram for storage/staying-Rs 10,000/-
  3. Cost of four trucks – Rs 12,000/-
  4. Cost incurred on light vehicle Rs 18,000/-
  5. Expenditure on survey by SKCF team Rs 15.000/-

Total Rs 69,000/-

Cash Distributions –

  1. Distributions on first day – Rs 172,000/-
  2. Distibutions on second day – Rs 227,000/-
  3. Given money to local members for distributions – Rs 50,000/-

Total Rs 449,000/-

Grand Total Rs 69,000/- + Rs 449,000/- Rs 518,000/-

Cash taken for distributions – Rs 200,000/ + Rs 350,000/- = Rs 550,000/-

Cash remaining – Rs 550,000/ – Rs 518,000/- = Rs 32,000/-

Next relief work

As some of the biscuits packets, chocolate packets, atta, rice, dal, sugar and blankets are still lying in the house of Wg Cdr KK Verma, it is important that final distribution camp need to be planned in coming months. Remaining cash distributions of around Rs 300,000/- is also to be planned by the federation in next month.

Final objectives

Federation has tried its best to meet the expectations of the donors’ sentiments and ensured that purposeful help is extended to the people of affected areas. We have tried to build a long term relationship in this mission and tried to give directions to the youth of the affected areas. In the days to come, it would be our endeavor to train the young boys and girls from those areas to meet the future development needs of the country. It is expected that good leaders will evolve out of this serious crisis.

We have not only delivered the good we have established the system for future use. With this Uttarakhand Relief Camp of two days i.e. 19-20 July 2013 in Thatyur area, it is felt that federation is well equipped to handle crisis in these areas through the existing network. We are to build on this for a better and progressive future.

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