Fund raising appeal: Rs. 1 lakh to print and distribute the SKC agenda in December 2014. Please commit funds.

Date of fund-raising appeal: 21 October 2014

Sone Ki Chidiya Federation is happy to announce that after more than 18 months of hard work, the First Edition of the Sone Ki Chidiya Total Reform Agenda will be ready to be published in December 2014.

It is planned that 1000 copies will be printed, of which around 500 will be distributed by post to the media and eminent people, and 500 copies will be retained for distribution during the year 2015. If all goes to plan, an improved second edition will be publised in end-2015, and so on till 2019. In the meanwhile translations of the agenda will also be prepared. But at this stage we intend to only publish the basic English edition.

To allow the First Edition to be printed, we have estimated that around Rs.1 lakh will be needed. 

At this stage we are only seeking commitments. SKC will call on the committed funds only after its audit for the previous year is completed. The audit is currently in progress. Once the audit is published, we will send a message to donors with details of how to send the money.

Please do not donate if you are not an Indian citizen. NRIs can donate but not OCIs/ PIOs. Note that donating to SKCF does not currently provide the donor with any income tax exemption. 

Any funds raised above Rs. 1 lakh will be retained by the Federation for future work of the reform movement. 

PLEASE CLICK THIS to complete a short form to make your commitment. Or visit

Current list of donors is available here.

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