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  1. It, is the best i’ve read. Starting, from really important Indian Historic text’s and mthen moving on further. Even, i always thought that, in Hindu texts of Gods time, it’s very well mentioned of technologies they used at that time. Which, seemed really superior from anyone else’s, well in actual no one even would have thought of it, at that time.
    And, now for exactly todays time. India and world needs free energy, which we are able to harness but why no one focussing especially in India on it ? Solar, Water, Air are all there to provide us free energy. Why, are corporates ruling our Nation ?
    India itself not so, advaced even in this Time ?
    I, guess the name has been changed from SoneKiChidiya to NavBhart as you had written in your blog. So, even i completely agree with the vision this party has setup.

  2. nikita gupta says:

    i just don’t understand when would people stop talking about politics.People who speak about the problems in politics don’t ever realise that noone can survive in politics without being sordid,mean,atrocious,peevish and is easy to say that one can change the system if he desire but the fact is that he will be crushed by others.The biggest problem in human is that we are unable to distinguish between need and wants.In india a man leaves for his family.when he start affording fan,he want cooler.when he can buy cooler ,he want AC.hence desire goes up and the negative way to fulfil these desire person can go to any extent to fulfil these wants for the family.So if we want to prevent these negativity from politics or any other field,the family members should be vigilant enough to refuse the black money at home.If man stop getting support from the family,the day will come when this bloody politics will have new scenario.

    • Ramesh Upal says:

      Dear Nikita .. God Bless you. Family members of any Politician refusing to accept Black Money is like day dreaming. There are few exceptions though…. few MPS who can be really counted on fingers are Honest … The human desires are unlimited n give passage to Greed when easy availability of money is in sight .. The only way to correct the people is for young people like you to join hands together and refuse to pay any Black Money .. When supply line is chocked , corruption will die it’s own death and cleanse the system to a great extent. The future of INDIA is in the hands of Young India.. Take it fed. Best Of Luck

  3. ASHOK says:


  4. Ramesh Uppal says:

    SANJAY … I AGREE WITH YOU… INDIAN POLITICS need to be cleaned & New Blood with out of the box innovative ideas to surface. No one at present seems to be a real answer to our problems.. Professionals from various fields should come out. NO MODIS/NO YADAVS/NO OLD faces .. TIME for young one’s to come forward. .. INITIATE the process .. May be before 2014 something good happens .. ALL THE BEST in your efforts.

  5. Dr. G.S.Lavekar says:

    In present situation a dynamic leader like Narendra Modi is to lead the country, Baba Ramdeo is supporting him it is a good thing and all may support in view of our country.. Baba’s contribution in propogation of Yoga in community is worth and his other initiatives like Black money, Corruption, Good leadership are also praise worthy, every person has a born right what to do so he is doing for good cause. Baba should be cautious about his sorrounding active business people.

    • Ramesh Uppal says:

      Good Morning Dr. LAVEKAR … LEADERSHIP QUALITIES of Mr. Modi are debatable …. ( I am not pro Congress pl keep this in mind while reading my views ) .. LET the KARNATAKA results come we will know if he has following besides GUJRAT…. ANY PERSON .. in my opinion … who goes by negative campaign can’t be a true Leader in real sense.. I will start liking him the day he gets rid of his SONIA/RAHUL fear / phobia and starts talking about his +ve VISION for taking country forward…

  6. Baba Charak Nath says:

    Can we leave out Swami Ramdev for the time being? He is yet to attain the status of a recognised leader.

    • admin says:

      Quite to the contrary, Ramdev has demonstrated high level leadership qualities, as his millions of followers attest.

      • Ramesh Uppal says:

        Dear Administrator …REGRET to disagree with you .. A TRUE LEADER never follows any one. Baba RAMDEV is following & PRAISING Mr. MODI & BJP like a true , dutiful & emotionally devoted follower . He Has lost his originality . May be his days of Glory are over .. I am pained . I used to have a soft corner for him for his YOGA teachings & originality .. NOT ANY MORE. May GOD give him strength to come out this MODI phobia & be his original self . Respectful Regards

      • Ramesh Uppal says:

        Dear ADMIN…. BABA RAMDEV ‘s following started ( including me ) because of his YOGA TEACHINGS .. & not because of his impractical , vague n theoretical IDEAS on POLITICS & other topics . these are MINE & My friends strong views on this.. NO disregard or disrespect meant to Baba Ramdev …

        • I agree with you. I also follow Baba as far as Yoga is concerned. I admire his views on corruption. But he is yet to attain the status of the leaders whose photographs appear alongside him on this site. Some humility and staying away from sycophants are always good for an aspiring leader.

    • Ramesh Uppal says:

      NO we should not leave him out… BUT jointly try to help him to come out of his recent illness… MODI PHOBIA … & start doing what he is best at … TEACHING YOGA …

  7. Shalini says: Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda was a leader extraordinaire.


    “We are compelled to come into political field because we found that we could not do even social work without touching politics. We feel that political work must be looked in terms of social and moral progress in democracy no part of life is untouched by politics”
    S.S.Rajpurohit-National – Director Co-ordinator

  9. beloved sanjeev ji,

    I am for this ‘sone ki Chidiya’ Movement. I shall not talk only, but participate to push the vision and mission of SKC on the ground in Hamipur UP, where I have build the Bharat Uday Karmayogi Ashram – a platform for nation building. I am working on sustainability issue in rural areas. we find SKC and our work have same spirit and we can complement. jaihind

  10. Chirag says:

    I just want to know what is Baba Ramdev ji role in this movement? Is he financing the movement/providing venue or other facilities or deliver speech basically or else……….

    • admin says:

      Swami Ramdev has been kind enough to allow us to host the Summit in his campus. Patanjali Yogpeeth has also agreed to sponsor relevant reformers.

      He is not present at this Summit but I’m hoping BST will participate.


      • Chirag says:

        Plz tell me what is BST & what will swami Ramdev G do during this summit? I mean he will present at campus but not participate in this summit or he will be outside from haridwar,where he will be during this summit.

        • admin says:

          He’ll not be there at Haridwar. But I’m hoping senior members of BST and related organisations will be present.

      • If ramdevji is there, then we are ready to give support of our ‘vishva shakti party ‘ completly to this movement.
        prasoon kumar mishra
        president ‘vsp’
        mobile- 09213316894

        • admin says:

          Thanks, Mr Mishra, please register to attend the Reform Summit in Haridwar on 5-8 April. We need to discuss key documents first, and only then other aspects can be discussed.


    dear sablokji. what i like about swami ramdev ishis dareness to speak againstgovt. what idont like is their understanding of money system. late rajiv dixit spoke that you can print currency as much gold you have but today we have eight lakh crore cash in circulation and only 500 toones of gold withrbi. world has left gold standard in 1971. morever he is speaking of 3percent cash in circulation a system propogated by arth kranti which they have borrowed from us. even us has been forced to increase the currency in circulation to 10percent. black money cannot be brought back way he is thinking. allready money has vanished. cprus write down isgood example.a campaign on lack of understanding current moneysystemis bound to fail. congress has retain power because of rbi whoHAS BORROWED WHOPPING 20 LAC CRORESFOR GOVT AND EVEN MONOTIZE1LC CRORE. NORMAL BORROWING SHOULD HAVE BEEN ONLY FIVE LAC CRORES.JUST IMAGINE WHAT IF RBI HAVE NOT HELPED IT. MOREVER WHEN YOU WANT TO FIGHTEXTERNAL ENEMY YOU NEED ARMY TO REVOLT. BRITISHERS LEFT WHEN ARMY REVOLTEDAND TO FIGHT INTERNAL ENEMY POLICE NEEDS TO REVOLT. THAT WHY BABA FAILED AS DELHI POLICE SUPPORTED RULING ESTABLISHMENTAGANIST BOTH BABA RAMDEV AND ANNA HAZARE.WILL WRITE MUCH MORE BUT GRADUALLY. WELL IWROTE THE SLOGAN SECOND WAR OF INDEPEN CE WHEN ANNA STARTED CAMPAIGNFROM AURANGABAD WAY BACK IN 1991.

  12. Dr. G.S.Lavekar says:

    Health care i mean Basic health care and it is a duty of government to provide health care; please see the reference (1)

    Healthcare in India features a universal health care system run by the constituent states and territories of India. The Constitution charges every state with “raising the level of nutrition and the standard of living of its people and the improvement of public health as among its primary duties”. The National Health Policy was endorsed by the Parliament of India in 1983 and updated in 2002.[1]
    Ref. 1- Jugal Kishore (2005). National health programs of India: national policies & legislations related to health. Century Publications. ISBN 978-81-88132-13-3. Retrieved 2 September 2012.

    • Dear Dr Lavekar, I think we ought to stop looking to past government pronouncements and start thinking afresh. That’s the whole point of reform. If we are merely to copy what others said they would do but miserably failed, we too will fail.

      There is simply no reason why a government should provide “universal” basic health care. Why should billionnaires be funded by government? The exercise must be very targeted. Please consider alternative model detailed in my book, Breaking Free of Nehru. That would cover off your concerns, without creating perverse incentives or requiring government to manage health care.

  13. Dr. G.S.Lavekar says:

    The Vision Document is read and found that, no vision on Health. Health is the basic issue to be provided by the government. Health is to be viewed comprehensively consisting of Holistic Health in respect of Treatment, Health Education and Research.
    In our country there are three types of treatment streams are available like> 1) Ayurveda – exclusively prevalent in Kerala 2) Integrative treatment – not in comprehensive manner but in incomplate form is delivered to masses like> Ayurveda / Herbal, Chemical medicine (so called modern) Yoga, Naturopathy, Acupuncture etc. and 3) Exclusively Chemical medicine. This trend will continue as every medical pathy has it’s strength. In health education we have only two streams like> Traditional medicine education like > Ayurveda, Siddha, Unanani, Homeopathy and Naturopathy-Yoga. These medical courses should be continued but along with this an Integrative medicine course should be introduced to get comprehensive health care to the community. The western countries doctors are more informed about CAM (including Ayurveda / Siddha Unani etc.) but in our country our Allopathic-Chemical medicine doctors are not aware of our traditional health care medicine, it is pity.
    In our country the hospitals are may be classified as 1)General Allopathis Hospitals 2) Traditional medicine Hopspitals and 3) Speciality Hospitals. The general hospitals should be Intgrative in natuire that is ‘ All under one umbrella’ so patient will get comprehensive treatment in one place.

    Research should be in comprehensive manner.

    In many western developed and developing countries only two types of treatment is in practice > 1) Chemical medicine and 2) Chemical medicine with CAM.

    This is in nut shell details are available.

    • admin says:

      Dear Dr Lavekar, why do you make the assumption that “Health is the basic issue to be provided by the government”.

      A government must provide security, justice and some infrastructure. Other things are up to each of us. In rare case (e.g. poverty) a social minimum can be provided or emergency care. But why should government provide health as a matter of principle?


  14. abhishek says:

    Vajpayee should be considered.

  15. sanjay garg says:

    I believe that an agitation with no direction is more hazzerdous than no agitation. It happened in Anna hazare case. He took away india back at least by 15 years. We as sielent viewers would have to pay for it. Without knowing the reasons for being poor country for last many years no one can help. Government is never going to tell the truth because if citizens could know it the government is to loose their interests.

  16. PRIYAM says:


    • PRIYAM says:

      sir i support your views and vision. but i think swami ramdev has no clear vision about wat he wannt to do.
      some times he says i will bring back black money, some times he says he will train peoples and he will build his own army, and he also says that he will build his own political party bt he is not confident enough thn how can we say that he is our leader . altogh in person he is also want to change system and improve india .
      i think it is too early to see ramdev as a leader ……………

      • PRIYAM says:

        wats ur opinion on swami ramdev as a leader ???

        • kirti says:

          What Swami Ramdeo says is true. and he has courage to say it in public. Unless said it in public again and again public forgets so he has to say it again and again. and instead of repeating the sentences he says it in different words. I see nothing wrong in it.
          and of course people appreciates that is why he is able to gather such a big crowd.
          And in democracy it is all about crowd and numbers.

          • PRIYAM says:

            kirti first of all thnx for sharing ur opinion…
            i agree wid u that swami ramdev has courage to speak in public ,,,
            but the thing that mattrs is how impact fully he is saying……….
            about ur views on democracy. that it is all about crowd and number it sounds like our illiterate politician….
            amongst indian ppl swami ramdev is popular as yog guru not as a leader …
            a leader should hav a bold character and confident with his ways.
            lyk anna hazare said swami ramdev is immature for ny political andolan..
            a confident leader dont need to change his words.. many times .. this shows he is not confident about his own words,….
            nw i would lyk to read ur valuable opinion… plzz

          • Ramesh Uppal says:

            KIRTI .. A TRUE leader should have the courage to accept criticism .. have the courage to stand & fight AND not run away like a Bhagoda he did in RAM LILA GROUND . He should have courted arrest like all past great AZADI Leaders … Am saying this because he is in the habbit of saying again n again DESH ko Bachane hai choron se Politicians se.. He should start self Medication to cure himself from Problem of SELECTIVE Dementia….. He sees corruption in other Political Parties & Not in BJP …Forgetting one BJP President caught in camera accepting BRIBE. other BJP President having corruption cases ag his firms where his Drivers / Peons or may be even unknown sweepers are the Directors of his firms… RAMA HO RAMA Kaisa hai RAMDEV JI ka Drama…. HARI OM..

            PS: I don’t belong to any Party .. I have not been doing the Correct thing from the last couple of Years … not casting my Votes as I find all Parties Full of Corrupt People /Criminals….. JAI HIND

        • Ramesh Uppal says:

          PRIYAM .. In My opinion any one trying to be a LEADER should not be self centered , Truthful , be able to stand to his views /convictions and Lead not follow . Swami Ram Dev does not have any such Leadership Qualities…. & HE should have kept on concentrating & propagating what he is best at >> YOGA. It seems since he has nothing much to offer in YOGA he … KNOWING FULLY WELL that he does not have in him to be a LEADER has accepted rubble raiser Mr. MODI as his Leader & made his empire sub-party of BJP ..where as earlier He used to claim that he did not belong to any party and fight for Desh ke SWABHIMAN … RAMA HO RAMA kaisa hai Drama .. Nautanki bajon ka ..

    • RABI KANT BHARTI says:

      I got immense pleasure after knowing the name of this movement .i.e. ” Sone ki Chidiya”. I went through the vision and I found it to best. I will communicate this vision to my friend and students which will assist this movement to get momentum.

  17. ravi shankar says:

    but jayaprakash narayan is socialist

  18. admin says:

    Mr Dave, I’m adding a few names without pictures, and will include Shivaji and indeed, Netaji Bose, for his nationalist spirit.

    • Ramesh Uppal says:

      YOU MAY please add Names of few other eminent person/s…. each Indian can be really proud of…. Lal Bahadur Shastri , Abdul Kalam , TAGORE ,UnSUNG soldier MANGAL SINGH even INDIRA GANDHI whom BAJPAI JI called DURGA after Bangla Desh Liberation .. Whatever be the little Shortcomings SHE was a NATIONALIST…

  19. admin says:

    Nice. Lets’ use “team”.

  20. These are the quick thoughts –

    Nation builders Team
    Nation builders Group
    Nation builders
    Nation builders – The Real Change agents!!

    or any other name .. the best way will be put a feedback to the group and we surely will find the better word.Club surely needs to be replaced !!



  21. C. Dave says:

    I am surprised to see the absence of Chhatrapati Shivaji from in the list. Can you kindly include him?

  22. Nation Builders club – Can we change club with more purposeful word?? Just a suggestion ..

  23. allwynmasc says:

    you say ‘Please elaborate’ to objections regarding ramdev??
    – the man is always in controversy regarding his accounts and trusts/ businesses etc.
    – says homosexuality/aids can be cured by yoga!
    – some ppl are angry he calls himself a ‘sadu’ and makes money – its like a yoga class we agree but he should market it so then.
    – not sure but think he has IT dept cases against him
    but i’d still agree with his congress hatao, desh bachao line

  24. allwynmasc says:

    A US ‘Bill of Rights’ equivalent addition to the constitution would be suffice to secure individual rights. But there could be implementation issues – like say ‘a time bound trial’ that cannot be guaranteed today, so the number of courts and judges should go up before this constitutional amendment is passed etc.

  25. bboy says:

    why ramdev is there with gandhi ji and other leaders??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????website banane me madad ki hai kya?????

  26. Ramesh Uppal says:

    BOTH DESERVE THE SAME RESPECT as both devoted their LIVES for India

  27. suren patel says:

    Subhash Chandra Bose deserves respect as the greatest modern day leader ahead of Gandhi

    • Dr.S.Awasthi says:

      The Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls of this country have to be open minded first, away from any relegion or caste feeling and should take the lesson from “Sacred Gita Grantha”. Feel and live like Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam”. The most simplest way is to understand the “Law of Nature”. Do good for others and Get Good, For Sure. Now if we did it we are the real graduate a real voter to bring real politics within the country.An education without spiritual characteristics is incomplete. Why cant the new young politicians be selected through the process of written exams and inteviews and from various Commissions to ensure minimum tallent and wisdome.

      Now the question comes how to induce this among the society. Let us start from our home and then to those who come in contact with us. Good people should join togather to first help each other by the ways then can. It will go on and on and it will work as “GOD IS” everywhere and we have to activate it inside our hearts only.We allLet us begin with doing our duties sincererely with hard working and honesty wheever we are be it private sector or the government or the shopkeeper or you an industrialist.

      Best regards,

      • nikita gupta says:

        I don’t understand – what is the need of written exam?Politicians which we are having are well educated.The problems in politics are the same with the highly educated politicians and illiterate politicians.problem is in the character of the people and education does change the basic characteristic of a person,it is dependent on bringing up and the surrounding.

        • admin says:

          Nikita, I disagree that our politicians are “well educated”. A mere degree doesn’t matter. What matters is their philosophy of government. We need politicians who want a minimal government that delivers its core functions first.

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