Report on expenditure of balance Rs.3.55 lakhs from Uttarakhand flood relief funds

There were questions raised by members and others regarding the draft plan for expenditure of the remaining Uttarakhand flood relief collection by Sone Ki Chidiya federation.

Accordingly, SKCF decided to consider other options to spend the funds for the purpose intended: towards relief of flood-affected people.

As a result of extensive discussion we came to the view that the money should be spend on BAALM Sab Ka Ghar, a residential school created by IIT Delhi alumni (and many others) for children who lost their parents in Uttarakhand floods. It is important to emphasise that since the emotional and financial guardianship of Baalm children is assumed by interested people, neither is any Baalm child an orphan nor is the school an orphanage. The guardians are not necessarily local, and live in all parts of the world. 

SAB KA GHAR सब का घर

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The amount was paid for necessary furniture and facilities at the hostel, and for food for the children (they now have guardians). Some funds were transferred direclty into the account of eligible children whose guardians have applied for them to join the school, but whose applications are being processed. These children are expected to join in the coming weeks.


The receipts for the following can be downloaded here.

Bills for Rs 2,65,000/-

(1) M. S. Pipes for BAALM Hostel Beds of Rs 47,376/-,

(2) Ply 12mm Century for Beds of Rs 48,636/-,

(3) Fodder cutting machine of Rs 15,000/-,

(4) L G automatic Washing Machine of Rs 17,900/-,

(5) Mattresses for Children Beds of Rs 78,600/-,

(6) Ceiling Fans Bajaj for Hostel of Rs 20,801/-,

(7) Utensils of Rs 15,488/-,

(8) Ration of Rs 21,199/-

8 Bank Deposit Receipt of Rs 90,000/- [ Children who are living in their native places] 

A formal audit of all Uttarakhand accounts will be undertaken shortly.

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