Frederic Bastiat’s famous Essays: The Law , Government, Petition of Candlestick makers,What is Seen and What is not seen, The Economic Harmonies:

Vivekanandas Ode to Liberty:…..o-liberty/

Mommy Daddy Go Away … Mai Baap Sarkaar:…..y-go-away/

A Beast Called Government:…..overnment/

Law Against Victimless Crimes:…..-scrapped/

On Scarcity and Abundance:…..stiat1.htm

Teacher Don’t teach Nonsense:…..stiat2.htm

Liberals must dump Gandhi:…..stiat3.htm

The population myth:…..myth/#more

Amit Varma’s Wishlist:…..-for-2008/

Basic Policies First:…..aw_1544085

The Myth of Indian Liberlization:…..tion/#more

Ranking For Economic Freedom:

What Holds India back:…..ndia-back/

A Business Proposal:…..-proposal/

1991 Economic Reforms

Profit no longer a dirty word:…..rofit.html

Ranking for Economic Freedom:

Why we reformed, What We Did:…

Middle Class apathy:…..-of-india/

The Myth of Indian Liberlization:…..tion/#more

Children and Education…..-children/…..hers/#more…..t-schools/

Famous Quotes of Milton Friedman:…..n_Friedman

Predatory State:…..ystate.htm

Reassessing Nehru:….._nehru.asp

What is classical liberalism?

The nature of government (Ayn Rand)

Public Choice – A Primer, by Eamonn Butler

Ludwig von Mises – Marxism Unmasked SocialismTheory and History

Yuri Maltsev – Requiem for Marx
Robert C Tucker – Philosophy and Myth in Karl Marx  [ a technical piece on the philosophical foundations of Marxism, not for beginners ]
Leszek Kolakowski – Main Currents of Marxism [ A three volume history of Marxism, perhaps the definitive work on its history ]
James Billington – Fire on the Minds of Men
H.B.  Acton [ Not Lord Acton ] – The Illusion of Epoch
Various Authors – A Plea for Liberty  . [ A series of papers by various authors critiquing the beginnings of Fabian socialism by author Bernard Shaw, also some basic critiques of socialism in general ]
Gordon – Resurrecting Marx
Gary North – 'The Marx Nobody Knows'
Yuri Maltsev – 'Inflation and the Bolsheviks'
David Osterfeld – 'Marx and Mercantilism'
Rothbard – 'Emergence of Communism'
Jeffrey Herbener – 'The Utopianism of Marx and Keynes' [ This is a rip off of Rothbard’s ‘Emergence of Communism’ ]

Paul Gottfried – 'Bolshevism and Democratic Socialism

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