Sone Ki Chidiya Federation now involved in Uttarakhand flood rehabilitation work

Date of post: 28 July 2013.

Since 22 June 2013, the Sone Ki Chidiya Federation has coordinated relief and supported those affected by flash floods that occurred in Uttarakhand. (For reports see this link)

PUBLIC NOTICE: Relief materials are no longer being accepted

SKCF has sent three truckloads of relief and is no longer accepting relief materials. If you'd like to give relief materials, please contact with other relief organisations.


Wg Cdr KK Verma (Retd) (+919811560341) will continue to coordinate long term relief work along with other SKCF members. You may continue to donate for medium term rehabilitation of the affected families.

We are shortly going to establish donation boxes across RWAs in Delhi where you may also wish to contribute. Please join the Federation to participate in these and other activities.

Please note that all funds not spent on immediate relief work will now be spent on long term relief work. SKCF will continue to ensure extremely frugal administrative costs, of no more than 15 per cent of contributions received. SKCF is entirely voluntary work, but we do need to meet logistics/storage etc. costs. Also we have to ensure that beneficiaries are properly surveyed, to avoid giving funds to those not affected.

Please feel free to visit/audit SKCF work at any time.

Account details below:

Account Name: Sone Ki Chidiya Federation

Bank: ICICI bank

Branch: Laxmi Nagar Delhi


Account No. 083105000859

Only Indian citizens are eligible to contribute to SKC Federation. No income tax exemption is available.

Please confirm your payment to

Funds received will be published. Current cash contributions received (this will be updated periodically).

SKCF members are offering jobs for the flood affected

Please see this: IWeb. If your company can do something to help in this regard, please write to

Mention of SKC's work in Times of India, 24 June 2013 (click for larger image)

Mention of SKC's work in Times of India, Mumbai, 27 June 2013 (click for larger image)


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