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We want TOTAL reform, not just removal of corruption or injustice

Swami Om Purna Swatantra speaking at the launch fo the Sone Ki Chidya Total Reform Movement on 4 June at Jantar Mantar. More photos and videos will be uploaded in the next few days.

(Media Release, 2 June: Download (Word | PDF))

About Sone Ki Chidiya Federation

Individuals, NGOs, political parties and private companies can take membership of the Federation. Please download the brochure (Word | PDF), and join as an individual or organisation: here. Membership is initially free.

Some leaders we respect:

(This incomplete list of leaders is in no particular order. Please add suggestions here.)

Other leaders we respect:

Shivaji and Netaji Bose for their nationalism.

Song that captures India's prosperous and glorious past