Urgent funds appeal: to host the 4 June public event

Funds received to date for SKC Federation work : Click here.

Significant funds are now needed for 4 June

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

A golden bird of the past, our great nation, Bharat, is now on the verge of slipping into a third rate nation as a direct result of corrupt leadership. Scams and scandals continue to humiliate what is truly a  great nation. The corruption has even infiltrated the judiciary, defense, and business elements of India.  

Over 147 Members of Parliament have been found to have a criminal background, in the form of charges related to murder, rape, kidnapping, extortion and so on. Matters such as these have eroded the ethical and cultural fabric of our once great nation and other nations have noticed this, as evidenced by our international reputation.

They  call our country  “A Banana Republic”.  "A Republic of Scams"

Have you dreamed of a time when the corrupt politicians of this country are rooted out of power?

Recently formed SKC Federation, a group of highly educated and dedicated  professionals, have started a movement of bringing TOTAL REFORMS  or पूर्ण   व्यवस्था  परिवर्तन.

The government of India has been mercilessly suppressing the peaceful demonstrations and curbing the fundamental rights granted by the constitution of India. What the government did on June 4 2011 year shamed the even British Rule. In the middle of the night while protesters were fast asleep, Police mercilessly started beating the men, women and children. Their conspiracy to kill Swami Ram Dev ji did not succeed but Ms. Raj Bala became the (indirect) victim of police brutality.

To protest against the draconian policies of Congress Government, the Federation has decided to organise a Protest March from Ram Lila Maidan to Jantar Mantar on 4 June at 4pm, followed by a number of speeches and resolutions.

 Please join us in large numbers. Please also donate liberally for the cause. A minimum of Rs.5 lakhs is needed.

Funds will be used for stage, banners and logistics, including paying for buses to bring farmers and other oppressed Indians from outside Delhi.

How to donate:

Account Name: Sone Ki Chidiya Federation

Bank: ICICI bank

Branch: Laxmi Nagar Delhi


Account No. 083105000859

Currently, no income tax exemption is available.

i) Only Indian citizens are eligible to contribute to SKC Federation. All contributions will need to be made in Indian rupees electronically into SKC Federation's bank account.

ii) SKC Federation may publish the names of all its donors, the amounts they have donated, and township (not detailed address).

For any questions regarding donation to SKC Federation, please contact info@sonekichidiya.in

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